Shuffler's Rated Battlegrounds Leadership Guide

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Shuffler's Rated Battlegrounds Leadership Guide

Post  sokratesTM on Fri Dec 07, 2012 12:17 am

Shuffler's Rated Battleground Leadership Guide

As we all know, I'm not too experienced with leading, or even doing PvP. This is my first season getting serious with Rated Battlegrounds, and again, I am not trying in any way to claim I'm an expert at this.

From the feedback I have received, I've only been told I'm a great leader so far!

The guide will be split up into the following sections:

  • Timing
  • Gear
  • Composition
  • Communication
  • Tactic
  • Target Calling


Showing up on time is very important. Whether you have two hours or twenty hours on you, you should set an example by showing up on the time you agree to show up; Ideally a bit earlier so you can answer people's questions before you start inviting.


  • Of course, Gear and Stats are very important. Personally, I look at only three things: Current Rating(CR), Resilience(Resi) and PvP Power.
  • The minimum rating for an invite should be the hundred you are at, so if you have 1438 rating, you'll ask for 1300-1500 rated players. It is important to keep the players in the same rating-range! There should be no minimum rating on Alt/Fun Runs!
  • On Resilience, I always ask for a minimum of 6500 resilience for Serious Rated Battlegrounds, and 5000 for Alt/Fun Runs.
  • PvP Power should be at least 10,000 for Serious Runs.
  • For Serious runs, never invite people without the Conquest Weapons!


Having the right team composition is always important. Though there can always be exceptions, never bring more than two of the same class. For the ideal composition, check out my other post.


Communication is the key to all Rated Battlegrounds. Skype, Vent, Mumble, whatever you and the team prefers. It is always important that all the players communicate. At higher rating, all players should have a microphone and use it regularly to call incomings, give reports on base states, and so on.


It is important to know what tactic to use, which may sometimes depend on the type of team you meet. Check out the tactics forum for more knowledge!

Target Calling

This is a very tricky subject. The target caller should be a melee DPS in the group, preferably the Frost Death Knight. If you've done Rated Battlegrounds with me leading, you'll notice my damage is lower than it should be. This is because I often both call out tactics, and tell people where to be as well as target call; as there is nobody else to do the job. Calling targets is very important. Without focused damage, you will fail. If you ever join a Rated Battleground with me, while I'm not leading, you'll notice my damage is a lot higher. It takes a lot of focus to make tactical decisions, as well as to call targets, and both roles should never be played by the same person. Remember to keep your microphone always on, instead of using Push to Talk (PTT) in order to communicate when calling targets or tactics!

More to come eventually!


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