Shuffler's Dream Composition

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Shuffler's Dream Composition

Post  sokratesTM on Thu Dec 06, 2012 11:54 pm

Personally, I would say the best composition is made up of Three healers, One tank and Six DPS.

Tank: Blood Death Knight (or Protection Warrior)
Healer: Restoration Shaman
Healer: Holy Paladin
Healer: Restoration Druid
Damage: Frost Mage
Damage: Frost Mage
Damage: Arms Warrior
Damage: Frost Death Knight
Damage: Warlock (Any Spec)
Damage: Rogue (Any Spec

Rogue for Crowd Control, assigned to perhaps a healer for constant harassment during a flag match, or to protect/assault a base solo during a base match.

Warlock or Mages good for Protecting bases by themselves, if Tank is assigned elsewhere, or more bases are captured.


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